Mike Dowling
Woody Mann
Lasse Johansson

We welcome you to the fifth year of guitar seminars in the little Hungarian village of Köveskál.
  The village of Köveskál is located close to the northern shores of Lake Balaton 150 km south of Budapest. In the nature preserve and culturally protected area of the Kál Basin we have an old stone house with a big garden. Each year we invite fingerstyle guitarists to join us there for a week long seminar with some of the best players in this style, as teachers.
  The Kál Basin offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere with, an ideal setting in which to practice and concentrate on your music. in addition, the weather is often warm and bathing in the Balaton or exploring the wine cellars of Fekete Hill can be a refreshing break after long hours of playing.

Arrival day is Tuesday july 10. No regular lessons on Tuesday, but a small welcome party and hopefully some informal jamming and playing.
  Classes run from Wednesday until Sunday with all three teachers teaching both morning class and afternoon class.
  We will schedule some times in between classes and in the afternoon for teacher-led workshops that you can sign up for.Jam sessions will take place in our garden, at Harom Huszar and other local venues to which we will organize trips during the week.
  Seminar participants will give a concert and teachers will give concerts as well.

  Departure is set for Monday july 16.

Students will be lodged in double rooms at an Inn called Harom Huszar. Breakfast and lunch served at the Inn.

If you fly to Budapest, the easiest way to get to Köveskal is by train from Budapest South – Déli Palya Udvár – 2 to 3 hours.
  If you travel by car, I will provide you with directions once you have informed me of your travel plans.

The price includes lodging, breakfast, lunch and of course all teaching, notes and tabs.


Woody Mann
Fingerstyle Variations
This class focuses on practical approaches on how to create variations and improvise within a tune. Through the learning of syncopated  picking techniques and gaining a practical understanding the fretboard, Woody will teach ways to develop a swinging picking style, get the texture and groove of the music and ‘demystify’ the process of creating you own variations in a song.
  These ideas will be illustrated as you learn tunes from the repertoire of the blues and ragtime masters including Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Blake, and Lonnie Johnson as well as Woody's original compositions. The focus of the workshop is to take alternating picking to the next level and gain an understanding of the fretboard.

Blues in Alternate Tunings
This class deals with understanding the basics of altered and open tunings. Through learning new repertoire, the class will explore picking approaches and new chord positions in open D, D minor,G, as well as the altered tunings of drop D, drop DG, drop CG and others. The class will explore the many ways altered tunings are used in traditional country blues and folk music through learning the repertoire of the masters from various styles including Robert Johnson, Blind Willie Johnson, Skip James, Charlie Patton, and others. Woody will also teach way altered tuning are uses in contemporary repertoire.
  This is a basics class and no previous experience playing in open tunings necessary.

Mike Dowling
Swing Guitar, Technique and Repertoire
Using tunes from the vintage swing songbook Mike will teach the time-honored techniques that put the "bounce" in this classic American genre. Suitable for both plectrum and fingerstyle players who want to refine their solo or ensemble chops. Lots of playing in class by students who will hold down the rhythm section for more adventuresome players ready to improvise.

Bottleneck Blues and Beyond
Mike will draw from the traditional Piedmont blues songbag as well as his own lush bottleneck compositions to get you started playing slide in open D and G tunings. You'll learn licks, tricks, turnarounds, rhythm grooves and bottleneck techniques that will add color and expression to your playing. Participants should bring a bottleneck slide to this class.

Lasse Johansson
Ragtime, Early Jazz for Fingerstyle Guitar
This class will focus on fingerstyle adaptions of classical ragtime and early jazz tunes.
It will deal with the task of playing moving bass lines together with melody in the first position or up the neck, discovering new chord positions and fingerings.
  The material used will be guitar arrangements of classical ragtime and early jazz both my own versions and the arrangements of other guitarists in this style.
  While doing this we will also discuss how to make your playing swing and bounce.

The class will touch upon arranging music, that was originally meant to be played by other instruments, for the fingerstyle guitar. This will include using written music as a basis as well as recorded versions of  old tunes.

We will also how fun playing together in duet settings.

Basic Alternating Bass Techniques
This class is for those that are relatively new to playing fingerstyle guitar. We will work with basic tunes trying to get used to and develop the alternating bass technique.
In this class we will also work with how to back up your own singing using patterns that are common to fingerstyle guitar, while fretting chords of a song.
There will also be a lot of playing together with the others in the class. 

If the above looks interesting write me at info@lassejohansson.se and I will, of course, answer whatever additional questions you might have about this seminar.

Come and join us for an exciting week in Köveskál!


Hi Lasse,
The seminar was in my opinion very good. Lodging was very fine, teaching was excellent, and the atmosphere very relaxed yet with people working hard.
 Thanks a lot for everything
Frank De Franceschi

I would like to send a BIG thank you to both of you for some wonderful days in Hungary this year. The workshop was really fantastic with a very good mixture of lessons and informal sessions. Also the mixture of participants was very good and I really hope to see you both and the other participants in the future.
 I had lost some of the joy of playing the guitar prior to the seminar but I can really say that this seminar has brought back the joy of playing again!
Take care both of you, and hope to see you again soon
Tord Larsson

Hi Lasse!
The lessons were fantastic Both Lasse’s and Woody’s lessons were very inspiring and gave me a lot to work on that will last a long time. It was very nice with the concert.
 Lodging was perfect and the evening excursions were very nice.
 Köveskal is in itself an extraordinary beautiful village.
 Everyone contributed to make the workshop a most enjoyable week. A highlight of the year.
Cliff Robinson

I think it is ideal to have two teachers approaching the music from different points of view, with you concentrating more on ragtime arrangements and Woody on blues and different techniques. Your teaching was fantastic; you were aware of everyone’s differing abilities, and tailored your lessons accordingly.
 The overall atmosphere was terrific, and couldn’t be bettered. You were great hosts, the setting is very beautiful, and our fellow guitarists were a really nice bunch of people.. All the best.

Hugh Jones

The seminar was a huge success for all participants. The combination of Lasse and Woody was incredible. Agi was the earthly loving friend and mother for the whole group. We are sure to try and meet again in Köveskal… I hope you both had a good time as we all had.
Moshe Shuster

Hello Lasse!
Thanks for a great fingerstyle seminar at your place in Hungary. Good material and tuition, plenty of jamming and wonderful hospitality! Recommended!

Tomas Blom

Hi Lasse!
I want to express my thanks for a good workshop in Hungary and also thank you and Ágnes for your great hospitality.
 It was 20 inspiring hours of lessons and a great experience to be with a musical genius like yourself.

Erling Soergaard

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